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European Network for Training and Education of Medical Physics Experts 2019

postat 24 oct. 2018, 12:49 de Colegiul Fizicienilor Medicali din Romania   [ actualizat la 24 oct. 2018, 12:51 ]

 Module TopicLeadersOnline startFace-to-Face Period & LocationRegistration feeReduced registration fee*
MPE01Leadership in Medical Physics, Development of the profession and the challenges for the MPE (D&IR)C. Caruana & V. Tsapaki1 Nov 20184-8 Feb 2019, Prague, Czech Republic€ 450€ 250
MPE02Radiobiology in imaging practice: small dose effects and individual radiosensitivitynew, under development
MPE03Monte Carlo simulation of X-ray imaging and dosimetryJ. Sempau10 June 20198-12 July 2019, Barcelona, Spain€ 760€ 380
MPE04Advanced diagnostic and interventional radiology: emerging technologies and challengesA. Taibi and P. Cardarelli1 July 201924 – 28 Sept 2019, Ferrara, Italy€ 590€ 280
MPE05Anthropomorphic phantoms for optimization of dose and image quality in radiologyK. Bliznakova1 April 20193-7 June 2019, Varna, Bulgaria€ 380€ 240
MPE06Advanced QA protocols: use and development: Going beyond existing or outdated QC standardsH. Bosmans, N. Marshall & E. Vano1 Sept 201918-22 November 2019, Leuven, Belgium€ 590€ 280
MPE07Optimising the performance of x-ray imaging unitsA. Mackenzie & K. Young1 June 201914-16 Oct, 2019 with extensive e-learning part and possibility to register for the e-learning only, Guildford, UK£ 580£ 300
MPE08Advanced techniques for enhancing image quality in CT: Model observers as an approach to assess iterative reconstruction and spectral CTF. Verdun & F. Bochud1 Feb 20196-10 May, 2019, Lausanne, Switzerland€ 590€ 280
MPE09Achieving higher quality in breast X-ray imagingR. Van Engen, I. Sechopoulos & W. Veldkamp21 Jan 201925-29 March 2019, Nijmegen, the Netherlands€ 950€ 550
MPE10Dose optimization in interventional radiology and cardiologyA. Trianni, R. Padovani & E. Vano1 May 202022 – 26 June 2020 (to be confirmed)., Udine, Italy€ 600€ 300
MPE11Dose management of pregnant patients, pregnant staff and pediatric patients in radiologyJ. Damilakis1 April 202025-29 May 2020, Iraklion (Crete), Greece€ 700€ 370
MPE12Occupational dosimetry in diagnostic and interventional radiology: Personnel dosimetry and competences for MPE with RPE responsibilitiesM. Borowski & M. Fiebich1 Feb 202030 March – 3 April 2020, Braunschweig, Germany€ 760€ 400

European School for Medical Physics Experts, 24th-26th January 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

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ESMPE European School for Medical Physics Experts Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry, Practical approach Jointly organised by ESMPE and ESMIT 24th-26th January 2019, Prague, Czech Republic 

EFOMP’s European School for Medical Physics Expert (ESMPE) has been established to fulfil one of the missions of EFOMP: to promote education and training programmes for Medical Physicists in Europe

ΕΑΝΜ's European School of Multimodality Imaging & Therapy (ESMIT) represents EANM's response to huge changes in the educational needs of the nuclear medicine community and the rising demand for greater multimodality content.

The ' Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry, Practical approach'  school edition jointly organised by ESMPE and ESMIT  is aimed at advanced tasks connected with radiopharmaceutical dosimetry in a context of therapeutic nuclear medicine. The school will cover mostly practical computing aspects, on freely available software (Slicer 3D). 

This two-and-half day event will be accredited by EBAMP (European Board of Accreditation for Medical Physics) and is intended for practising clinical Medical Physicists who are involved in Nuclear Medicine dosimetry. As is the case in most ESMPE schools, there will be an optional examination at the end for those seeking a higher level of certification beyond attendance. 


Deadline for application: 23.12.2018

European Congress of Medical Physics 2018

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25th World Congress on Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering

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Institute For Medical Physics (IFMP)

postat 9 apr. 2016, 13:07 de Colegiul Fizicienilor Medicali din Romania   [ actualizat la 12 mai 2017, 08:11 ]

În cadrul unei întâlniri ce a avut loc la CERN, Geneva, Elveția la data de 12 Februarie 2014, a fost fondat Institutul de Fizica Medicala (IFMP) de catre un grup de fizicieni și două entități  GREISE and PSF (Physics-Sans-Frontières) cu scopul general de a oferi o educație de nivel înalt în domeniul complex de Fizica Medicaladestinat în primul rând, fizicienilor medicali tineri din Europa de Est și de pe coasta de sud a Mării Mediterane.
În colaborare cu
universitățile locale sau spitale,
Institute For Medical Physics (IFMP) oferă o educație de nivel înalt tuturor fizicienilor medicali din Europa de Est și din partea de Sud a Marii Mediteraniene.
Physics-Sans-Frontières (PSF), a demonstrat ca are o experiență
vastă de o organiza evenimente de Fizica Medicala in aceasta parte a Europei, din care enumeram: Trieste (Italia) în 1995, Sarajevo (Bosnia) în 1996 și 1998, Oujda (Maroc) în 2001, Salonic (Grecia) în 2002, Istanbul (Turcia) în 2004, Iași (România) în 2007, Cairo (Egipt), în 2008 și 2011. Acest flux de succes a continuat din nou cu Sarajevo in Mai 2014 și Shkodra (Albania), în Octombrie 2014.
Pe web
site-ul IFMP http://www.ifmp.eu găsi rapoarte despre trecutul IFMP, proiecte în derulare și viitoare, precum și informații despre locurile de muncă in fizica medicala și poziții de doctorat în Europa.

Institute For Medical Physics (IFMP)
25-27 rue Jean Jaures, 74100 Ambilly, France
E-mail: info@ifmp.be
Website: http://www.ifmp.eu

CERN ("Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire" / European Organization for Nuclear Research):
IFMP, Room R12
Building 595
CERN, Route de Meyrin
1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland

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